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Freedom to Work welcomes Shari Hutchinson of Ohio to our Speakers Bureau after her victory in workplace lawsuit stemming from anti-lesbian harassment and denied promotions.

At a Congressional hearing on ENDA, Vandy Beth Glenn shares her story of being fired immediately after telling her boss she planned to transition.

Brooke Waits tells Congress how she was fired from a Texas cell phone company just because she is lesbian. Unfortunately, Texas is not a freedom to work state for LGBT employees.

Professor William Eskridge of Yale Law School gives Congressional testimony regarding the long history of anti-LGBT workplace discrimination throughout the United States, as well as his own experience with anti-gay animus in his own career.

Rep. Keith Ellison explains that ENDA affirms traditional American values such as opportunity, tolerance, and 'minding your own business.'

Rep. Barney Frank, ENDA's lead sponsor, testifies in favor of all Americans' freedom to work without irrational discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

Rep. Tammy Baldwin, a candidate to become the first openly LGBT U.S. Senator, testifies in favor of ENDA and the freedom to work without discrimination.

General Mills, Inc. is one of many Fortune 500 companies to endorse ENDA and the freedom to work without discrimination.